REQUIEM ETERNAM was created by Phil R.XP in 2004 for express his passion for Medieval, Epic, Dramatic and Orchestral music. In 2007 the first album "In Memorium..." of ambient, Orchestral music was out on CelestialDrone/EEE Recordings USA now reedited for BloodDivine Records. In 2008 the second album "Medieval Times" of Celtic, Medieval and Epic music was out. It will be a real tribute to ancient medieval times. Now REQUIEM ETERNAM take a new direction with the new album "The Empire of Kings" more in Metal way with Symphonic and Epic atmosphere, this album will be a tribute to Ancient Medieval Empire in Europe. In 2010 The Album "Visions of Eternity" of Doom/Gothic Metal was out, this concept album is a travel in Hell, Purgatory and Paradise through the Visions of Dante Alighieri. The New Album "Stories of another Age" of Epic/Doom Gothic Metal is now ready. REQUIEM ETERNAM is a projet in constant evolution, evoking themes dear to its author. Photobucket
New Album "Stories of another Age" Ready Now !
The New Album "Stories of another Age" is out Now !!!
You can buy it here !!!
REQUIEM ETERNAM Medieval Times and In Memorium...
The album Medieval Times with 7 songs of Medieval/Epic and Celtic music is available in this site. The first album In Memorium... go out at first on CelestialDrone/EEE Recordings USA is reedited now with New Cover (More professionnal) and better sound on BloodDivine Records and available here, too.
New Videos clip of the New Album "Stories of another Age" are here !!!
Two differents T-Shirt are available here more merchandising will follow soon !!!

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